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Streaming Full Movie Frontline Wrestling: Build Me An Empire (2018)

Structural and Civil Engineering Design Services

Structural Design

We offer a range of structural engineering services which encompass the full range of residential, commercial and industrial construction. Our designs are prepared in accordance with Australian Standards, the Building Code of Australia and current best practices. Our designs include a complete set of structural computations and detailed structural working drawings suitable for direct use by the builder, fabricator or detailer, as appropriate and are accompanied by a Regulation 1507 (Building Regulations 2006) Certificate of Compliance. Our services include:

Design of beams and supports
Structural footings and slabs
Retaining walls
Preparation of framing schedules
In-ground swimming pools
Assessment of existing structure

Commercial / Industrial
Steel frame and precast concrete (tilt-up) structures
Industrial floors
Retaining walls
Roof drainage
Mezzanine floor retrofits
Investigation and assessment of existing structures
Design for modifications and change of use of existing structures

Land Development

We provide engineering design and construction management services for the land development industry.
Our projects vary from two lot subdivisions to greenfield industrial and residential subdivisions consisting of hundreds of lots, incorporating new roads, municipal drainage and extensions of sewer, water, telecommunications, gas and electricity infrastructure. We can provide land development advice at the ‘feasibility’ stage of the project, through to detailed civil engineering design, tendering, construction and contract management and asset handover.
 Our services include:

Land Development Services
Feasibility studies and preliminary cost estimation
Making applications and negotiating with authorities
Road and earthworks design
Stormwater drainage design
Design of sewer and water reticulation

Other Services
Civil works contract management, including:
Preparation of schedules of quantities and tender documentation
Tender assessment
Contract award and management to AS 2124
Financial management, including assessment of claims for payment and variations and issue of payment certificates
Contract management and supervision during the works
Asset handover to authorities and management of ‘maintenance periods’

Unit Developments

Multi-unit developments are a popular way of maximising the potential of a parcel of land. Along with good architectural design, good engineering is necessary to address access issues and to provide infrastructure to the new dwellings.
In particular, stormwater drainage can pose significant challenges to unit-developments. In older urban areas, council drainage systems were typically only designed to cater for single dwellings on each lot. Unit developments result in an increase in the impervious areas (roofs and driveways) that collect rainwater and direct it to the council stormwater system. This increase in runoff can lead to council stormwater systems being overwhelmed and can contribute to flooding during storm events less severe than was originally intended. The increase can also lead to other detrimental downstream effects such as erosion and reduction of the water quality of natural waterways.

Stormwater Management
Stormwater Management is the process in mitigating the potentially negative impacts of a development. It involves the provision of infrastructure to provide one or more of these functions:

Detention (controlling discharge)
Retention (storage for reuse)
Enhance Stormwater Quality


Other Services
Design of stormwater drainage and preparation of construction drawings
Stormwater detention systems to comply with council regulations
Stormwater infiltration systems (soakage pits)
Negotiating with authorities and seeking approval for plans
Drainage investigations and reports
Design of WSUD elements to comply with council requirements and best practice guidelines
WSUD and stormwater strategy reports to satisfy council requirements

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